The Long Story...

Ciro & Paolo Polillo

Anthony Oppenheimer and Ciro Paolillo


For some time now Paolillo has been the a focal point for diamond, pearl and precious stone trading. As with many other beautiful stories, the Paolillo saga begins a long time ago.

In 1870 Ciro and Gaetano Paolillo opened a jewellery workshop in Torre del Greco, at that time the favourite beach and holiday resort of the Neapolitan elite.
A paradise of splendid villas surrounded by lush Italian gardens and richly scented fruit trees, Torre del Greco was already famous for its production of coral and cameos. It easily became a favourite destination for many foreign tourists in search of an exquisitely crafted jewel as a souvenir of their Italian sojourn.
Of the second generation, only Ciro's son Carlo was attracted to the fascinating world of jewellery. After completing his university degree and fighting in World War II, he moved to Rome to marry and to set up a wholesale business in precious stones.

Convinced that only a big city could best satisfy his entrepreneurial spirit, he remained tied to the traditional trade in coral whilst recognising the need to branch out into the precious gems business.
His first trips were thus devoted to buying rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls as well as semi precious stones.

Moreover, his work involved trade operations between Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and France, thus creating a network of international contacts from East to West allowing for a complete and immediate awareness of market tendencies.

The third and actual generation is represented by Ciro and Paolo. In the 70's, Ciro, the eldest, completed the picture by introducing diamonds, thus enabling the company to satisfy all of their clients needs.

The Paolillo brothersundertake long trips to gem stone exchanges throughout the world, searching for the best stones at the best prices, thus maintaining the competitiveness imposed by the markets.
They have also provided for clients a series of friendly and proficient services that have become the driving force of a modern activity which weds craftsmanship to the efficient and frenetic world of commerce and finance.

Thanks to the great experience, well established partnerships and in demonstration of a long and intense activity, in 1999 the Paolillo Group signed in the Capitol Hill of Rome a diamond trade agreement with De Beers, a very important one as the South African conglomerate had never before signed such an agreement with a private company.

The Paolillo Group is always studying new international projects in the field of marketing of precious stones, either colored or diamonds, and pearls.

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